Chef Virginia Dalbeck

"[Virginia] has something that money can't buy, creativity and a gifted palate."

-Chef Gordon Ramsey

"Chef Virginia is a true culinary artist."

-Spotlight Magazine

Virginia Dalbeck was born February 19th, 1980, at home in Flagstaff, Arizona where her father had taken a job as lead Guitarist in an established country and western band. It was recorded as the worst day of precipitation in history. It snowed 16 inches! But no amount of snow or rain could keep this girl from her dream. Chef Virginia learned early that she was able to express her creativity and flair not only through scuplting and fine art, but through the art of culinary genius! She began her journey at Santa Barbara Culinary institute and through the years aquired a wide range in taste and palate by working and visiting many well known restaurants around the world. Her most recent ventures bring her to the Texas town of San Angelo, where she helped start The Grill and later went onto open the Cork & Pig Tavern, currently rated #1 on urban spoon.

Recently, Virginia has begun to try her hand at celebrity catering events. Whether you're wanting to entertain clients or friends, Chef Virginia brings creativity and flair to every occasion. For booking and inquires please contact us at


While working her way up through the second season of Hell's Kitchen (FOX®), Virginia was featured in many popular magazines and newspaper articles. Stay tuned for recent updates and information.

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