Chef Virginia Dalbeck

"[Virginia] has something that money can't buy, creativity and a gifted palate."

-Chef Gordon Ramsay

"Chef Virginia is a true culinary artist."

-Spotlight Magazine

Virginia Hayes Dalbeck was born February 19th 1980, at home in Parks, Arizona where her late father, John Dalbeck, had taken a job as a lead Guitarist in a country and western band. Both of Virginia‚Äôs parents are very gifted artists. Her mother, Alexandra Odell, was a child prodigy, an internationally recognized artist by the age of six and a professional by age eight. Chef Virginia learned early on that she was able to express her creativity and flair not only through sculpting and fine art, but through the art of culinary genius! She began her journey at Santa Barbara Culinary institute and through the years acquired a wide range in taste and palate by working and visiting many well known restaurants around the world. After spending several years working for Hillstone Restaurant Group, she was cast on season 2 of Fox's hit show Hell's Kitchen. She made it though several gruelling weeks and came in 2nd overall. Virginia then moved to the Texas town of San Angelo, where she helped start The Grill and later went onto open the first Cork & Pig Tavern in 2010.

In 2012, Virginia moved to Odessa,Texas to open the second Cork & Pig location. That same year she was invited to return for a "runner-up" episode on season 10 of Hell's Kitchen. Two years later Virginia welcomed her daughter, Lively Clover in March of 2014. She would then go on to open Red Oak Kitchen in Odessa during the fall of 2015 and the third Cork & Pig Tavern in the heart of the West 7th district of Ft. Worth, Texas during the summer of 2016. Her most recent endeavour is opening Cork & Pig's 4th location at Los Colinas in the DFW area in 2018.


While working her way up through the second season of Hell's Kitchen (FOX®), Virginia was featured in many popular magazines and newspaper articles. Stay tuned for recent updates and information.

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